Ep 14: Kellie Talks Abuse, Intuition & Moving West

Ep 14: Kellie Talks Abuse, Intuition & Moving West

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This week Gabby talks to wild child turned zen queen Kellie all about the relationship with a semi-famous musician that pushed her to get out of her small town in south Texas and come to San diego to shed her skin… but that’s only the beginning of Kellie’s story. She talks about being in the middle of an abusive relationship where she spent her days stoned and feeling worthless, her bipolar drug-addicted father showing up on her doorstep one day, and finding her way to a life she finally feels is worth living. This episode is proof that being in tune with your gut and FOLLOWING it is usually a good idea (and journaling, too). If this story resonates and you’d like to get in touch with Kellie, please email Gabby@moxiesandiego.com.

NAMI — national alliance on mental illness.
NAMI helpline — 800.950.6264

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