What is the Cord Cutting Method [& Who Cares]?

What is the Cord Cutting Method [& Who Cares]?

If you’ve read much of this blog, hopefully it’s obvious now that I’m all about people living the weird, badass lives they want to live according to their own wants & needs (not someone else’s). It’s true, but that doesn’t make it easy. It’s really fucking HARD sometimes to figure out the right destination in the first place, let alone stay on track.

Something that plays a huge role into where we ultimately go in life, are the people we come into contact with (invited or not). 

It’s believed that every person we come into contact with, day in and day out, exchanges a bit of energy with us. Energy is said to linger on us, whether it was five minutes of pleasantries with a high school friend at lunch, or the Target pharmacist who refused to refill your anti-anxiety meds because “I don’t know you need to call your doctor.” We all can think of seemingly little encounters that altered our mood for hours or even days after ending. For those of us that are especially empathetic, energies can and will completely throw us off balance.

There have been times when I’ve caught myself thinking about a toxic person MONTHS after they were removed from my life, for no reason other than to agonize and bring up pain and negativity that isn’t even relevant. This was a huge problem for me for years (and still will be if I stop taking my own advice).

Before we get to Cord Cutting, which is something I only recently heard about, there is one thing that has helped trigger my brain to take out the trash and mentally move on. I take a piece of paper and write the name of the person or describe the regret or embarrassment that has been weighing me down. I’ll spend a quiet minute or two thinking about it in DETAIL. I’ll focus on the words, the pain, and the negative feelings one last time…really letting myself dwell. And then I light the piece of paper on fire & watch it disappear. It’s a mental trick that can really help give yourself that “permission” to move forward without the negative cords or ties. Also, I’m just a very ceremonial person.

Whether or not you believe in energy powers, we’ve all seen or experienced what happens when negativity from the past lingers on a person. Let that happen a blink too long and suddenly you’re 69 years old on a porch swing bitching to nobody about that son-of-a-bitch Randy who cheated on you in 2009 and ran off with your brand new mint green Prius.  

I consider Dorinda Medley of NYC Housewives glory a role model, and if there’s one thing she’s taught me it’s the only thing that matters is moving forward (and who cares who you went off on last night, it’s a new day!). Holding onto the past is a great way to preoccupy us so that we don’t have time to actually achieve anything for the future.

Lighting my regrets on fire is something I typically reserve for special occasions like NYE, but there’s a method I just learned about that you could do daily to clear you of your shitty cords. As you hopefully noticed from the title of this post, that method is called Cord Cutting, and it’s pretty damn simple.

What is Cord Cutting & who is it for?

It’s especially recommended for people like therapists or social workers who are dealing with people all day long in an intimate capacity. This method is said to bring you more energy, a quieter mind, heal ailments, and improve your financial situation (not cosigning that but whatever you wanna believe, boo). Some energy healers may use this method and combine it with acupuncture and/or crystal healing.

How do I “Cord Cut?”

There are a different versions of the method out there from what i’ve read, but all of them seemed to rest on the same meditative undercurrent. The key is your focus.

One way to perform the Cord Cutting method is to go to a quiet place and call to your spirit guides for help to guide you through the process of healing and cutting cords that no longer serve your higher purpose. You can taylor the mantra however you like, and repeat it a few times while you visualize the cords being released.

My imagination isn’t quite THAT stellar, so this version is more my speed:

Stand up, relax. Take a few deep breaths.

Put one hand above your head and slightly in front of your body with the palm facing downward. Put the other hand in front of your groin and slightly in front of your body with the palm facing up. 

+ Move your hands slowly but firmly towards each other, sweeping across the front of your body. As you do this, visualize that you are gathering all the negative cords attached to your chakras and your aura into a tight bundle in front of you. Refocus by saying something to yourself silently like, “I’m gathering together all the negative and nonproductive cords attached to me, and I will cut them completely.”

Pull this tightened bunch of cords together in front of your front solar plexus chakra (soft spot between the ribs) and imagine you’re holding them tightly in your bottom hand.

+As you hold the bundle of cords in your bottom hand, slice through the cords with your upper hand. Make the cut all the way through (some say to “throw” them into a bowl of salt after you cut the cords).

+You can repeat, this time focusing on the “back” of your aura. You can also do this for both sides of spleen and liver organs.

I used to think these types of techniques were totally bogus, until I met a therapist who started incorporating different methods like this into my sessions (minus the salt). For example: Having a full on conversation WITH my imaginary self in the chair opposite of me while a silent man took notes on the side wasn’t exactly comfortable right out of the gate, but I got over it. Once I stopped thinking about how ridiculous the exercises were, the more they worked. Same for putting my regrets on paper to set them on fire, and sitting at the edge of my bed cutting the negative cords from my day before trying to sleep.

It worked for me, and it’s FREE, so why not try it? At the very least, it’s worth sharing. While we’re all out there trying to maintain lives worth living, we have to remember to take time to get rid of the bad stuff we pick up on the way.




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